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The mission of this portal is to restore, preserve and develop the generic traditions of the Kazakhs at the modern level, and its continuation in a completely new format for the future of our descendants’ centuries.

Almost all Turkish people have saved and carried through the centuries «SHEZHIRE» that is the genealogy of their family and nation. Small number of nations in the world keeps such amount of records about ancestors. Every Kazakh proudly calls his genus of origin. The concept of "ZHETIATA" (translated from Kazakh as SEVEN GRANDFATHERS) is a necessity to keep in the memory of your grandfathers’ chain and it is accepted by everyone in Kazakhstan, but everyone hardly can call the names of all seven direct ancestors. Everyone can add own name records to our date base to extend their chain of generations up to 20 – 25 names.

Accumulation of records in our date base has turned out to the source of information that is unique by volume and quality. Global Shezhire has been growing rapidly not only by the birth of a new generations, but also by the collection of historical data from family archives. More than 770 988 name records have been collected and systemized in Global Shezhire for 16 years of hard work made by about 5000 authors – shezhireshi. And number of records increases daily by 20-100 names together with the constantly increasing number of authors.

Shezhire in this form is not just a data base combining thousands and family trees; it is source of rich historical records of each genus, family and nation in overall that is systemized in the chronological order. Everyone who makes records of its own family names, history, memories, personal biography, and archived pictures makes contribution to our system and makes a history, develop new and modern source of information about the past and present. Particular priceless value of these records will be appreciated by our descendants and history scientists.

Just in a couple of minutes upon request you can find the names of all participants of any event at any period of time from the 13th century to the present day. In reality this is a foundation for the chronical history of Kazakhstan without incorporation of ideology or some kind of new tremendous high-scale historiography which is written by the people. Even simple sequences of names in chronological order are highly valuable part of history for every family, nation and the country as a whole.

You can add your ZHETIATA (translated from Kazakh as Seven Grandfathers), TORTATA (translated from Kazakh as Four Grandfathers), USHATA (translated from Kazakh as Three Grandfathers) and make contribution to the common data base on this website prolonging the generation chain of your ancestors to ZHIRMAATA (translated from Kazakh as Twenty Grandfathers).